• Features
  • Technical parameter
  • Optional automatic material feeding programmer to adjust the parameters of each operating mechanism of the whole machine
    Using automatic feeding control card, with intelligent correction and replenishment function, no screws are missed
    The linear track is located on the upper layer of the fuselage, and the abnormality can be easily eliminated by personnel without professional experience
    The pushing motion mechanism and the electronic control part are designed independently, and they are separated on both sides of the fuselage, which is safe and reasonable.
    All components are made of well-known brands, with high cost performance and strong stability
    Strong scalability, configurable single output distribution body, dual output distribution body, and three output distribution body
    Large silo capacity, effective volume up to 5L, can hold nearly 5000 screws (for example, M3*10)
    The machine adopts a hierarchical pushing method to feed the material to the linear track, and the pushing mechanism adopts a pneumatic cylinder, which saves energy and reduces noise.
  • Technical parameter
    Dimensions L345*W260*H330mm
    Applicable screw specifications M1.7~M6 tooth length≤40mm
    Total Weight 15KG
    Applicable track type Single straight track
    Applicable reclaiming method Air blow
    Communication method I/O
    Working pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
    Operating Voltage AC220V 50HZ
    Total power 50W
    Feeding speed
    Single output distributor 100pcs/min
    Dual output distributor 70pcs/min
    Three output distributor 60pcs/min
    Screw blowing distance 2-15 meters (the screw and the distributor are different, the distance is different)
    Effective capacity of silo 5L (example M3*10 screws can hold 500)
    Types of aptamers
    Single output distribution body
    Dual output distribution body
    Three output distribution body 2&2 distribution body
    Control card Automatic material control card
    Sensor parameter adjustment Adjustable, need to be equipped with automatic material supply programmer
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