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Electrical Engineer
Number:2人 Education:junior college Address:Kunshan Requirement:Proficient in Mitsubishi, Epson, KUKA, FANUC, etc
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  • Job description:
    1. Design the control system of non-standard automation equipment, draw electrical drawings and select electrical components according to the requirements
    2. Troubleshooting and technical support for electrical problems of field equipment
    3. Prepare electrical related operation instructions
    4. Training on the use of relevant personnel

    Job requirements:
    1. Major in electrical engineering, college degree or above
    2. At least 3 years experience in automation equipment development
    3. Familiar with PLC control system, proficient in the selection, programming, design and commissioning of PLC system of Mitsubishi, Siemens or other brands
    4. Skillfully use at least one of Mitsubishi, Epson, KUKA, FANUC and other robot applications
    5. Proficient in the application and debugging of servo controller
    6. Familiar with the selection, system design and commissioning of low voltage electrical appliances
    7. Proficient in AutoCAD and EPLAN, able to travel to a certain extent

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Sales Manager
Number:2人 Education:junior college Address:Kunshan Requirement:unlimited
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  • Job description:
    1. Do a good job in market prediction and research, timely adjust marketing strategies according to market demand, constantly broaden sales channels and improve the market share of products.
    2. Prepare the annual, quarterly and monthly product sales policies and objectives, and earnestly implement them, so as to achieve weekly arrangement, monthly inspection and annual summary, and complete the sales tasks assigned by the company.
    3. Strictly control and gradually reduce sales expenses, save expenses and reduce sales costs.
    4. Carefully organize the return of sales currency, timely collect external arrears, ensure capital turnover and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

    Job requirements:
    1. Self confidence, passion, diligence, integrity, courage to challenge yourself, and strong desire for self achievement;
    2. Strong learning ability, communication ability and pressure resistance; Have certain management ability
    3. Resources in notebook, mobile phone, household appliances and automobile industry are preferred.
    4. Non standard automation equipment industry background is preferred.
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Mechanical Design Engineer
Number:2人 Education:Bachelor degree or above Address:Kunshan Requirement: Proficient in SolidWorks and AutoCAD
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  • Job description:
    1. Understand the customer's product demand, technical scheme design and equipment cost estimation before sales;
    2. Arrangement and summary of 3D design, 2D drawings and BOM of equipment and production line in the project; Communicate equipment operation logic with electrical design;
    3. Assist procurement to complete procurement cost control;
    4. Before equipment assembly, 3D and assembly sequence, explanation of assembly precautions, assembly guidance in the process, problem collection, and timely update drawings and files;
    5. Assist in electrical design and commissioning, and complete equipment commissioning;
    6. Assist after-sales to complete the after-sales work of equipment;
    7. Other work arranged within the Department.

    Job requirements:
    1. Proficient in 3D structure design and 2D drawing with Solidworks and AutoCAD;
    2. Understand the basic use of Pro-E, UG and other design software; Familiar with mechanical design principle;
    3. Understand the service environment and working conditions of common motors (including servo and stepping);
    4. Understand the types, application environment, advantages and disadvantages of common sensors;
    5. Be able to make corresponding production line, equipment layout and scheme according to the business feedback information;
    6. Be able to complete the design of equipment and production line independently;
    7. Familiar with machining process, able to guide suppliers to complete the machining of complex parts;
    8. Able to travel to a certain extent.
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