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Talent concept
We should have both ability and political integrity, put morality first, and make the best use of talents
The standard of appointment is morality first and ability second. If there is virtue but no talent, virtue can be used; Virtue and talent should be reused; Talent without virtue is hard to use.
Only by putting the right people in the right position can we be talents and give full play to our value; We always think that users are developers, and developers respect people.

Clear strategic objectives and direction.
A unified core value.
Organize rich and colorful corporate culture activities with full participation.
Provide competitive pay.
Provide generous benefits.
Create a positive, United and harmonious interpersonal relationship and working environment.
The leaders are sincere and aware of the people's situation.
Fully understand the demand and willingness of talents
Provide suitable promotion path for talents
Career development
Induction training
After induction training, new employees can quickly understand the company, recognize the company, and quickly enter the work role.
Pre-job training
Introduce the company's rules and regulations, quality and environment policies and objectives, business processes, operating procedures and safety matters to new employees in detail.
In-service training
Provide excellent employees with opportunities to receive training and further study in excellent enterprises at home and abroad.
Salary and welfare
Rich diversity
Standardized legal welfare system and humanized leave arrangement; Weekends are single and double weekends, and enjoy national legal holidays every year. Rich living benefits, such as transportation allowance, lunch allowance and other related benefits.
The competitive overall salary system follows the principles of internal fairness and external competitiveness to provide employees with competitive overall salary arrangements in the same industry; The annual income includes fixed salary, floating bonus and welfare income.
Local conditions
The specific salary status will vary according to the industry and position.
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